We offer our services to facilitate our clients' procurement process, to maximize compliance of products with proven quality and to improve performance and efficiency.


Our services include:

- Extensive market research and benchmarking:  We do an extensive market research overcoming local language barriers and reach out to alternative suppliers including medium sized or small scaled manufacturers as well as big players to meet your specific needs. We provide you with a benchmarking report. 

- Selection and training of the right supplier: We help our clients in developing a procurement strategy aligned to their business goals and in implementing a strategic sourcing roadmap for significant savings in the short term.

- Supplier relationship management: We train the supplier to give our clients what they need.We manage all interactions with suppliers to comply with your strategical planning and to maximize the value of those interactions.

- Logistics optimization: We manage complex procurements, combine orders for complementary products from various suppliers, arrange combined shipments to optimize logistics and ensure required packaging. 

- Pre-shipment Inspections: Pre shipment inspections are held upon request.